Jonny Ive design record player

LINN has introduced a new turntable. The interesting thing about it is not the almost ordinary price of €60,000 for a first-class machine of its kind. The extraordinary thing is that former and longtime Aple chief designer Jonny Ive created this one.

€60,000 for the Apple design made by Jonny Ive

Thus, another turntable is now entering this price segment. The LINN Sondek LP12-50 can claim that it would have looked the same from Apple.

The almost €60,000 masterpiece is advertised with the pithy promises of “precision-manufactured metal hinges” and “power switch milled from a solid aluminum” as well as a “metal plaque with serial number”.

The manufacturer was even personally contacted by the team of the Queen ennobled designer Ive for this collaboration. As a result, the cooperation for the 50th anniversary of the company Linn from Scotland was agreed with him. Only 250 models are to be manufactured by hand. These are provided with an engraved plaque with serial number and name of the employee in production. In other words, it’s just like the high-end car manufacturer Aston-Martin.

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