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Be part of it and become tax free! Herewith we offer you now the possibility to establish a US LLC in the state of Florida through us. The Florida US LLC is suitable for any business model and can easily become an international corporate construct. With this offer you can start your new life as a digital nomad at a special discounted price.

Here are some of the advantages of a US LLC:

Tax free with your US LLC

If you are not a resident of the USA you do not have to pay taxes there. A US LLC pays its taxes where you, as the beneficiary, have your tax residence. Thus, a Disregarded Entity is ignored by the tax authority. If you live in a country with territorial taxation or even zero tax country, you can collect your profits tax free.


Form your US LLC in Delaware or Wyoming then your name will not appear in any public records. You therefore have a high degree of anonymity there.

No to very low duties

In the U.S., you do not have to file balance sheets, financial statements or other information about the company for your US LLC. The effort for the administration of your US LLC is therefore very low.

High reputation worldwide

The LLC is recognized worldwide as a corporate form. Germany, in particular, has committed to recognizing U.S. companies as equal to domestic limited liability companies, etc. You therefore enjoy a high reputation among your customers and business partners.

Easy account opening with banks & payment providers

With your US LLC you have the choice of any number of banks and payment service providers. So it is no problem to bill customers through your US LLC company account, send and receive money or accept credit card and paypal payments.

Fast foundation

Your US LLC is formed unbureaucratically and quickly. The entire start-up process runs remotely. So you don’t have to go to a notary and you don’t have to travel to the US for that. We do everything for you online.

Simple management

The management of the LLC is simple. A form must be filed annually with the tax authority, as well as an annual return. Filling out these forms usually takes just a few minutes. In fact, we’ll take that off your hands in most cases.

Simple closure

If you no longer need your US LLC, or your plans have changed, a cancellation of the US LLC is possible without any problems.

Liability protection

With your US LLC you enjoy the same liability protection as with a German GmbH. As a shareholder and managing director, you do not have to worry if things go wrong. In this case, the company is liable only with the contribution, which you determine yourself when founding the company and which can also only be $1.

Asset protection

With your US LLC you can protect your assets from the access of others. Even in the event of personal insolvency, the assets of your US LLC remain protected from seizure.

Protection against a reset of the economy

No one can know what the future holds, but some things seem a little scary in this day and age. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the big reset, burden sharing, the digital euro or expropriation. Many are now looking for a way to protect their assets from a collapse of the economy. An anonymous US LLC can be one of the solutions to protect a part of the assets from loss.

This offer includes everything you need. Including the all-round carefree package. We will take care of all formalities and inform you regularly about deadlines for the submission of documents, up to the annual renewal of fees in Florida. In addition, you will receive notifications from us if something changes around the US LLC.

A US LLC is particularly suitable for perpetual travelers or digital nomads who do not have a tax residence. But also for those who have their residence in a tax favorable country, or a state with em territorial tax principle, a US LLC is the optimal way to own international business. However, if you continue to live in a high tax country such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you should plan your emigration as soon as possible. After that you can enjoy a tax free life without pressure and fear with your US LLC.

We are happy to answer further questions and advise in this framework to find the optimal set-up for you. For this you can contact us at mail@pixel.AG, or book your US LLC in the store right away. We will then clarify everything else together.

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