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Why a US LLC ?

The advantages of forming an LLC in the USA

The U.S. has long been a preferred location for companies and investors around the world. One of the most popular forms of business formation in the U.S. is the Limited Liability Company or LLC. This flexible corporate structure offers a number of advantages that make it an attractive choice for companies of all sizes and from a variety of industries.

1. limitation of liability: protection of personal assets

A key advantage of forming an LLC in the U.S. is the limitation of liability. This means that the personal assets of the owners (also known as members) are protected from the liabilities and debts of the LLC. If the company runs into difficulties or legal problems arise, the members are not personally liable. This protective measure is invaluable as it limits the risk to the capital invested in the company.

2. taxation according to the “pass-through” principle: tax flexibility

Another outstanding feature of LLCs is their tax flexibility. LLCs are taxed on a pass-through basis, which means that the profits and losses of the LLC are passed through directly to the members without the LLC itself paying income taxes. This allows for simple and efficient tax planning and avoids the double taxation of corporate profits that can occur with other business forms such as the corporation.

3. administrative simplicity: reduced bureaucracy

Compared to other business forms, especially the corporation, the administration of an LLC in the USA is considerably easier. There are fewer formal requirements and less red tape. LLCs are not required to hold annual meetings or board meetings, making management less complex.

4. credibility and access to funding:

Forming an LLC can add credibility to your business, especially if you do business in the U.S. or have international business partners. Business partners, customers and investors often appreciate the reliability and clear corporate structure associated with an LLC. In addition, LLCs often have better access to financing options, loans and investments, which can significantly increase growth opportunities.

5. protection of intellectual property:

If your company owns intellectual property such as patents, trademarks or copyrights, the LLC structure provides effective protection and a clear legal basis for managing and protecting those assets. This is especially important in industries where intellectual property is critical.


Overall, forming an LLC in the U.S. offers an impressive array of benefits, including limited liability, tax flexibility, ease of administration, credibility and intellectual property protection. However, before you take this step, it is advisable to consult with one of us to ensure that the LLC is the right business structure for your specific business needs and goals. With careful planning and advice, forming an LLC in the U.S. can put your business on the road to success.

Why a tax free US LLC

Zero taxes Zero problems

We are pleased to offer you the possibility to establish your tax free US LLC through us. The US LLC is suitable for any business model and serves you as an international company construct. You have the free choice of all states in which you would like to establish your company. However, incorporation in Delaware, Florida, Texas, Wyoming and New Mexico are considered particularly attractive. You can find more information about the benefits of the different states in the descriptions of each state.

Special advantages of a US LLC are also:

Warning notice protection

Use the anonymous LLC as an imprint company and protect yourself from warning letters. You can safely ignore letters from lawyers from now on. Even if you still receive “nice” mail to your company address in the USA, you don’t have to worry about that from now on.

Issue bonds

The US LLC is an excellent SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) to issue a bond. In the USA, it is standard to realize such bonds via the corporate form of the LLC. So you can also use this possibility very easily.

Provide services

Your US LLC can provide you with the foundation for your services as a digital nomad. If you provide services to clients from abroad you can easily invoice them with your US LLC. As an added benefit, you enjoy liability protection through the LLC. Personal liability is excluded by the LLC.

Operate e-commerce

Sell your goods worldwide to all customers, even in the EU or the USA. Use FBA through Amazon, your own online store or Alibaba.

You should then only note that for physical goods that are sold to customers in the EU, despite everything the VAT is due in the EU.

Business restart in the event of insolvency

If, for example, you have a bad score with Schufa due to insolvency proceedings. Or maybe there are still creditors who are giving you a hard time. Then US LLC can be your good way to live a free life as an entrepreneur. And that even without the own name appears. By regaining the ability to act you can build up a new existence without any pressure. A US LLC serves with its worldwide high acceptance nevertheless to a good reputation.

Trade cryptocurrencies

Crypto trading, staking, mining – all these are businesses you can now do with the LLC instead of in your own name. The LLC holds the wallets in the process. Accounts with crypto exchanges are simply opened with the LLC. Thus, you can easily buy and sell coins with the LLC at will.

Establish holding structure

Intellectual property can also be held with the LLC. License fees may then be charged by the LLC for the use of the rights. It should only be noted whether withholding tax may apply.

Invoice customers

The LLC can invoice for you so that you yourself do not have to appear by name. As a US company, you even have a high reputation. No other country in the world offers business startups that enjoy greater confidence.

Trading via broker exchanges

If you are a trader but do not want to hold a custody account or an account in your own name, then the LLC is best suited for this – provided, of course, that you as a broker open your accounts in the name of your LLC.

Asset protection for you

Assets can be effectively protected with the US LLC. Third parties now no longer have access. Even if one has personal financial problems, the assets of the LLC remain protected from pass-through.

Draw contracts

Collaboration agreements, severance agreements, fee agreements, sales agreements, leases, loan agreements, and any contract imaginable can be underwritten by the US LLC. Especially if you do not want to appear personally in a contract, the US LLC is best suited as a contracting party.

Defy non-compete

If you are affected by a non-compete clause or basically do not want to appear personally on the market, the LLC is perfect for a continued operation of a trade.

Digital Nomad and Perpetual Traveller

Tax-free thanks to your US LLC This is especially suitable for perpetual travelers or digital nomads who do not have a tax residence. But also for those who have their residence in a tax favorable country, or a state with em territorial tax principle, a US LLC is the optimal way to own international business.

Any questions?

We are happy to answer further questions and advise in this framework to find the optimal set-up for you. For this you can contact us at mail@pixel.AG, or book your US LLC in the store right now. We will then clarify everything else together.

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Please emigrate!

You should only use a US LLC for tax optimization if you no longer live in a high tax country like Germany, Austria, Switzerland or elsewhere in Europe or the world. In these usual high tax countries it is not possible to collect the profits of a US LLC tax free.

We recommend all those who want to use a US LLC for a free and happy future to first deregister in the previous country of residence. Life as a world traveler, digital nomad or perpetual traveler offers you the full possibilities of the zero tax strategy. But also some tax-favorable residences offer you this possibility. On our website we also regularly report on visas for digital nomads, countries with non-dom status, countries with taxation according to the territorial principle and countries with special tax advantages.

When you order your US LLC through us, we assume that you have already taken all the necessary steps for your tax-free future.

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