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Wyoming LLC(Limited Liability Company) Formation Package


Wyoming US LLC Company Formation

Wyoming offers an environment that provides entrepreneurs with a strong legal foundation, tax benefits and privacy. If you’re looking for a place to make your business dreams come true, Wyoming could be just the place for you. Here you will find the support and protection you need to successfully build your business.

Forming an LLC in Wyoming offers some specific advantages compared to other U.S. states:

1. Low annual fees: Wyoming charges low annual fees for LLCs compared to many other states. This can help keep operating costs down.

2. no corporate income tax: Wyoming does not impose a corporate or income tax on the profits of an LLC. This can result in significant tax savings.

3. anonymity: Wyoming allows you to have anonymous members in your LLC, protecting the privacy of the owners.

4. No minimum capital requirements: Wyoming has no minimum capital requirements to form an LLC, making it easy and inexpensive to start a business.

5. Legal Stability: Wyoming has a long history of being business friendly and offers a stable and proven legal system for businesses.

6. management flexibility: Wyoming allows companies to be flexible in their management and internal structure, which strongly suits the needs of entrepreneurs.

7. Quick Formation: Forming an LLC in Wyoming can usually be done quickly, which can be beneficial for companies that want to incorporate as quickly as possible.

8. Easy transferability of interests: Transferring interests in a Wyoming LLC is straightforward and flexible.

Although Wyoming offers some advantages, you should consider individual business goals and requirements when choosing a state for your LLC. We help you to find the best decision for your company.

Your own business with a US LLC in Wyoming

Start your own business now with a US LLC in Wyoming. We will always keep you informed about the latest news concerning taxes and company formation. As a customer, you will be the first to receive important information and reminders about levy dates or the annual renewal of your US LLC. Get started right away and take advantage of all the benefits.

General advantages of a US LLC

An American LLC (Limited Liability Company) offers you these advantages, among others, regardless of the state of incorporation:

  • Tax exemption (if you are tax exempt due to your residency/digital nomad).
  • No bookkeeping required except for 10 minutes of formalities per year
  • Anonymity possible due to lack of transparency register and information exchange
  • Excellent reputation for all business models, even access to payment providers such as PayPal is thus possible
  • Warning, garnishment and asset protection
  • Account opening also possible remotely without problems via numerous online banks


Included in the price

  • Formation of your LLC in the desired state including all fees such as tax fees and license fees for the current fiscal year
  • Registered agent for the current fiscal year
  • Submission of the Annual Report to the authorities
  • Apply for your EIN tax number to open an account (within approx. 14 days)
  • Support and assistance all year round in all matters
  • We will remind you in time about possible changes and submission of annual forms. After consultation with you, we will take care of the submission and forwarding for you.
  • If needed, we can refer you to a tax professional licensed for your state
  • You will get important information about payment service providers and banks for your LLC from us
  • Your own business address in the USA
  • Forwarding of incoming mail (chargeable per item/no parcels)
  • Forwarding of documents These are scanned and forwarded to you by mail
  • Founding documents with Articles of Organization as PDF file in digital form
  • Operating Agreement (As a sample for your LLC, which you can personalize) as a PDF file in digital form
  • Proof of ownership of the LLC with Membership Certificate as a PDF file in digital form.

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