Bitcoin, Matic, Polkadot or EGC- Top Cryptocurrency To Buy Next Year?

What do serious investors think will be the top Cryptocurrency to buy next year from their hard-earned bucks?

If 2021 was the year when crypto went memecoin mad – when Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and even Dogelon Mars, achieved unthinkable valuations – then 2022 is the year to get serious. The markets are unlikely to tolerate another year where hype and celebrity endorsement rules over common sense and fundamental value. What do serious investors think will be the top Cryptocurrency to buy next year from their hard-earned bucks? 


Bitcoin ($BTC) 

No one is making 100x from Bitcoin in 2022, but this is the cryptocurrency that started a global, historic movement, and many see this as the steady bond fund in their portfolio of tech start-ups. With easy accessibility, increasing real-world utility, low purchase and transfer fees, and almost limitless liquidity, Bitcoin forms at least a small part of nearly every crypto investor’s wallet. 

Bitcoins acts as a medium of exchange, and to some degree, it can be called a store of value. In a world of 10,000% gains, followed by 99% losses, Bitcoin continues to serve a purpose, even if it may no longer mint many new millionaires. 


Ever Grow ($EGC)

EGC may be the newcomer on our list but it is certainly packing a punch. Its relatively low $350 million valuations haven’t stopped the team behind this ground-breaking project aiming for a place in the global crypto top 20 in 2022. 

The pioneering contract pays rewards automatically to holders in $BUSD – a regulated stable-coin pegged 1-1 with the USD. Holders received $30 million in rewards during the first 12 weeks since launch, and the project has been crowned ‘the passive income king’. 

With a number of analysts calculating that investment at the current valuation could pay in excess of 300% in passive income over the course of a year, by applying traditional valuation metrics to this project one could predict significant growth in 2022. Of all the coins listed today, this is the one with potential 100x returns. Potential investors should remember that this is a very new project, so should also be considered to be a higher-risk choice. 


Polygon ($Matic)

Matic is the native token of the polygon. The Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution was launched in 2019 with one objective, Scaling the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum chain is highly affected by slow transaction speed and very high transaction fees. Matic scalability solution aims to make the Ethereum chain attractive for decentralised apps once again. 

Uniswap, the biggest decentralised exchange on Ethereum, recently also made an announcement that Uniswap V3 will be deployed on Polygon Blockchain.

Matic layer 2 technology consists of Proof-of-Stake System, Commit Chains, Polygon Framework, and Protocol. According to the website, Matic price might rise and see the previous breakout level of 2021, but if Matic fails to do so, Its price could dip to as low as $2.00 


Solana ($SOL)

Solana saw 40,000% gains over the course of 2021, and often such returns can be enough to put off new investors. However, with Solana’s blockchain technology leading to quicker, lower-cost transactions, this project still offers serious potential upside. predicts that Solana could go back above $200 in 2022, a modest 15% increase from today’s price. However, many analysts believe Solana to be a direct threat to Ethereum, the world’s second-biggest crypto by market capitalisation. If they can bridge such a gap, that could lead to as much as a 700% price increase from here. 


Polkadot ($DOT) 

Launched 5 years ago, Polkadot has set its sights firmly on rivaling the likes of Cosmos and even Ethereum in terms of blockchain dominance. The Polkadot ecosystem allows developers to create their own blockchain, which would lead to the true mecca of the space – a decentralised crypto multiverse. 

With $DOT as the native token, any exchanges between blockchains would generate fees payable in $DOT, creating further value for Polkadot investors. If the team behind this seriously ambitious project can pull it off, then Polkadot’s current $27 billion valuations could double or more during 2022.

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