You Can Now Run a Private IOTA Tangle from the Amazon Web Service

Following IOTA’s integration with the Amazon infrastructure, users can now set up remote Private Tangles, in one click, directly from the Amazon Web Service (AWS) marketplace, an Oct 30 update shows. 

Getting Started

On average–depending on software requirements and other performance metrics such as storage, memory, and CPU, the estimated infrastructure costs sum to around $0.371 per hour. 

The final setup includes a regular Hornet node, a spammer, and a Compass—an open-source implementation of the Coordinator. 

Hornet is a lightweight alternative to the IOTA reference implementation (IRI) node. It can compile in the native code without the Java Virtual Machine and is therefore high performant.

What is an IOTA Private Tangle?

A private tangle is an IOTA network that a user directly controls, comprising known nodes but remains detached from the mainnet. 

Enabling control is the Compass that enables specially configured Hornet nodes to reach consensus. 

For the Private Tangle nodes to be properly configured–and to be in sync with others within the identified network, a Coordinator plugin is used. This plugin creates an instance of the Compass which allows node synchrony once activated. 

Additionally, the Hornet node must be running from a Linux operating system.

However, the liveness of the private tangle depends on Compass’ reliability. The higher the uptime, the more reliable the private tangle is. 

Besides control, users set up private tangles to explore the IOTA technology, develop and test an application, showcase the IOTA technology, or whenever there are requirements for faster transaction confirmation.  

The Compass and Coordinator

Typically, in the IOTA network, the Coordinator creates, signs, and sends a bundle of transactions that contain milestones. 

Through these milestones, IOTA nodes can reach consensus since all transactions referenced in the milestone are confirmed without sacrificing scalability. Although central to IOTA, the team has plans in place to excise the federated node and eventually decentralize the network. 

Compass is a version of the Coordinator that technically serves the same purpose but designed for private tangles. 

The consensus is reached in private tangles by referencing milestones created by Compass, not the Coordinator.

Earlier this week, BTCManager reported of IOTA joining an industrial maintenance project funded by the Japanese National R&D agency.

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