Making his name prominent in the Defi and the marketing space, make way for Fares Benouhiba

Also known as Faresben.eth, he has shown his excellence in the world of NFTs, crypto, and the Web3 world.

Over the years, we have heard enough about the rise of a few individuals and professionals from across the world. However, have all of them gone ahead in becoming inspirational success stories for others? Well, a few definitely have been, and those are the ones that have shown the world what it takes to become one’s best version in all that one chooses to do in one’s career and life. So far, the digital financial industry has seen the rise of many such talented beings, out of which a few rare gems like Fares Benouhiba have shown that real success can come to those who persevere and work passionately to get to the top of their chosen niches.

Fares Benouhiba, aka Faresben.eth, is not your average success story, but he is much beyond all of that and thus has been able to garner massive headlines in the industries he has stepped foot in so far in his career. He has immersed himself in the Web3 world and feels passionate about all things NFTs, crypto, and blockchain, which has what allowed him to do exceedingly well in the whole of the Defi space as a true-blue professional and entrepreneur. Fares Benouhiba began his career in marketing and is now is the founder of his one-of-a-kind media company named EMF Media, which has taken brands and businesses to exponential levels of growth, generating hundreds of thousands of euros in revenue.

They are a team dedicated to a brand’s hypergrowth and, for that, offer incredible services that take them towards their definition of growth and success in their respective industries. Fares Benouhiba has been currently marketing Sneaker Heads, which are 3D hand-drawn sneaker heads living in the metaverse.

Fares Benouhiba has been doing great in the Web3 as well as in the marketing realm and thus has been able to make his name prominent in these industries in ways more than one.

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