May 25, 2022

Binemon Integrates Chainlink VRF To Determine Raffle Winners And More

Good news! P2E NFT game Binemon is now integrating with Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the BNB chain. From now on, Binemon will be able to determine raffle winners and more from its special events in a fair and square manner. 

“Providing our community with a high standard of transparency is essential,” said Frank Desifone, the CEO of Binemon. “Which is why integrating Chainlink VRF was a simple decision.”

We could all use a fair raffle. So let’s go! Credit: Binemon.

Binemon x Chainlink VRF: What you need to know

In order to give every player an equal chance to win in raffles and special events, Binemon needed access to a secure random number generator (RNG). Given that, Binemon chose to integrate with Chainlink VRF. Why is that so?

According to Binemon, Chainlink VRF is based on cutting-edge research, backed by a time-tested oracle network. Besides that, it is secured through on-chain verification of cryptographic proofs. Hence, anyone can easily verify the integrity of random numbers given to smart contracts.

How does it work then?

Firstly, the Binemon smart contract will send a request for randomness to the Chainlink oracle. Upon getting the request, Chainlink will generate randomness and send proofs to the VRF contract.

The VRF contract will then verify the randomness. Once done, the Binemon smart contract will receive the verified randomness from Chainlink’s VRF contract. From here, users can also verify on-chain that the Binemon raffles are provably fair.

What’s next?

As Binemon expands, the team will integrate more Chainlink products other than the VRF into the game. One of them will be Chainlink Keepers for secure smart contract automation. And the next will be Chainlink Price Feeds for high-quality real-world data. 

As for Binemon players, rest assured that the raffle systems in the game will not be easily tampered with by anyone. In many cases, Chainlink VRF has become the go-to choice for Web3 projects when it comes to finding the best RNG solution.

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