Jubi develops Innovative Finance and Creates a new Defi

Singapore, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As the traditional world enters the blockchain space, cryptocurrency is becoming an emerging investment product, attracting mainstream attention, and growing in prominence thanks to the early push of crypto-asset exchanges. Jubi is now leading a new trend in the digital asset exchange space.

Founded in 2013, Jubi is one of the earliest crypto-asset trading platforms, with a performance that has always been among the best in the industry. The team will approach the global market from a long-term strategic perspective to let more digital asset traders and investors enjoy better trading services. After years of development, they have branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Singapore, and the United States, providing safe, stable, and fast digital assets and derivatives trading services to over 2.3 million users globally in more than 20 countries. Jubi is synonymous with a mature professional, safe, stable, and first-class service.

With the continuous development of the industry, Jubi also stays on top of the industry’s hottest trends, continuously upgrading the trading experience, adhering to the concept of user-centered development, and striving for continuous innovation in the digital asset financial model.

Industry trends Focus on consolidating foundations and continually innovating.

Jubi is meticulously laying out the emerging sectors of the industry, aiming to seize first-mover opportunities and create a complete set of comprehensive services that can provide access and exposure to the whole space, simultaneously improving the breadth, depth, and competitiveness of the Jubi ecosystem.

DeFi is leading a new round of changes in the industry and has become a new trend in the industry’s development. Jubi has always closely observed the space with a keen sensitivity to emerging sectors. In the early development of DeFi, Jubi began to focus on the continuous development of financial models, aiming to enable users in the ecosystem to gain a better trading experience and seize the early rewards offered by the DeFi space.

Through in-depth observation, Jubi saw the advantages and disadvantages of DeFi and created a forward-thinking fusion between CeFi and DeFi to form a hybrid financial product combining the best of both. This vision gave birth to Jubi’s highly acclaimed contemporary financial derivatives products, like “One-click Mining” and “Balance Mining” features. Jubi also provides compliant, trustworthy, and professional-grade services for cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It actively bridges the gap between CeFi and DeFi through market mechanisms formed through advanced experience in traditional finance, making every effort to provide investors with a perfect bilateral investment experience.

The industry is in accelerated development, and Jubi stays focused on the latest trends. The emergence of new sectors is disrupting a wide range of traditional industries. GameFi is challenging conventional gaming. More and more internet companies are evolving to Web3, with Metaverse becoming a key segment for humans to explore emerging ways of collaboration. Jubi aims to be an entrant and facilitator of this trend and links to these emerging fields through Jubi Labs. We believe that through continuous integration with emerging sectors, Jubi will become an industry leader by creating new products that spearhead the development of blockchain, enabling every Jubi user to enjoy the benefits.


As an early cultivator, practitioner, and beneficiary of the industry, Jubi takes its responsibility seriously. The founders continuously polish their products, improve their system, and actively comply with regulations to ensure that the rights and interests of every Jubi receive the best protection possible. They continue to build for the long-term by expanding into emerging areas.

Jubi is also becoming an escort for industry members. Their role is not only as a trading platform but also as incubators and investors aiming to discover the dark horses early that are beneficial to the development of the industry. With the help of Jubi, more and more emerging projects are on the right track, becoming mainstay projects of the industry.

In addition, Jubi is also actively promoting the development of global philanthropy and continues to offer humble efforts through practical actions. For example, after the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, there was a global shortage of epidemic prevention materials in many underdeveloped areas. Jubi provided many developing countries with donations and support during these difficult times. Jubi will also continue to expand its charitable goals and assume more social responsibilities.

Jubi recently received industry recognition for its effort and hard work by winning the “Best Digital Financial Services Platform of the Year” and “Top 100 Blockchain Enterprises of the Year” awards from Jinse Finance, as well as the “Most Popular Crypto Trading Platform” award from the ODaily.

Even though Jubi has passionately engaged at the forefront of the industry for many years, we are still a “young” and dynamic ecosystem. The creators will continue to focus on and support new trends, being a leader across the entire space. They will strive to build value while remaining true to their original aspirations and maintaining our responsibilities to the industry and users.

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