Bybit Integrates 35+ Chainlink Price Feeds, and Chainlink Keepers Get Integrated by Elongate

Bybit has declared to have integrated up to 35 Chainlink Price Feeds on the mainnet of Polygon (a venue for spot trading). Bybit is among the most rapidly expanding crypto exchanges throughout the globe, with nearly 6M registered consumers, while Chainlink is considered the biggest network of decentralized oracles across the globe.

Up to Thirty-Five Chainlink Price Feeds Integrated with Bybit

There are numerous trading pairs of derivatives and spot indices on the Bybit exchange. The platform comprises an exchange of digital assets and a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) along with the provision of access to DeFi yield. Several people think of Chainlink Price Feeds to be the industry standard that is decentralized and secure, and they have been introduced on more than one prominent blockchain. During some of the recent months, both Moonbeam and Solana have witnessed Chainlink Price Feeds to be going live.

The group of Bybit, in its blog post, referred to price volatility throughout several trading pairs, labeling it as the chief reason behind the present integration of Chainlink. The group anticipates that an improvement will be witnessed in the digital assets’ exchange rates and the general price stability with Price Feeds of Chainlink. Bybit’s CEO and co-founder, Ben Zhou, stated that they are always pursuing ways to make significant improvements to the price accuracy of Bybit and transparency in the case of spot trading.

He added that the respective features reinforce an advanced consumer experience in the venue while elevating the confidence of the customers in the exchange. Zhou was of the view that with the help of the Chainlink Price Feeds’ integration, the clients are provided with additional clarifications that they utilize the real-time data of fair-market price while trading their assets. The venue also offers a further protection layer when extreme cryptocurrency market conditions take place.

Elongate Declares Integrating Chainlink Keepers

Another declaration related to Chainlink was made by Elongate (known as a social impact and social media venue that has reportedly spent $3.7M on good causes. According to the declaration of Elongate, they have integrated Chainlink Keepers on “Burn.Party” (their local venue). “Burn.Party” counts to be the venue of a multi-chain decentralized community token called “Burn.” It has carried out the integration of Keepers for the support of Token Burn Party’s economic and secure automation as well as the delivery of the entirety of the pledged tokens.

Recently, Bybit has started a collaboration with Actant (a provider of trading solutions). The respective collaboration will permit the expert traders to be benefited from the most effective trading instruments. As a result, the quoting, automation, trading, as well as risk solutions provided by Actant are at the moment accessible on the broad derivatives venue of Actant. The partnership offers significant trading solutions. A broad list of services Is now accessible, taking into account hedge funds, investment banks, market-making as well as proprietary trading.

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