Yieldster™ 2.0 Launched: Automated DeFi Platform Goes Mainstream

Dubai, UAE, August 2, 2022, — After offering RealYield DeFi opportunities to institutional investors for over a year, the Yieldster Defi Automation Platform is now accessible for any investor, big or small, at https://Yieldster.finance. 

Yieldster’s 2.0 DeFi Automation Platform provides an Intuitive UI (User Interface) helping bring down the high technology barrier for less experienced users and investors. The drag and drop interface offers investors the ability to run strategies against almost any asset or protocol including lending, borrowing, and hedging to get the RealYield they are aiming for. 

“After 8 months of intense software development, we strongly believe that with our 2.0 Version, we created one of the best technology solutions in the DeFi Space, providing our users with the most secure, reliable, automized and easy-to-use DeFi platforms,” said Amin El Gazzar, CEO & Founder of Yieldster™. 

Any investor using the Yieldster Defi Automation Platform can either join an existing Public DeFi Vault or create their own vault and execute strategies securely, automatically, and cost-effectively. A Yieldster vault empowers investors to easily manage the most complex strategies and automatically move assets between DeFi protocols, optimizing yield at the lowest cost possible. 

Until now the Yieldster Automation Platform was exclusively available to Institutional Investors like the LIVA Fund (www.livafund.com), a fully licensed and regulated Bahamian DeFi Hedge Fund. 

“Since August of 2021, the Yieldster Platform provides us with an easy and very cost-effective way to successfully run our DeFi Hedge fund, producing consistent stable annualized returns of more than 15%, despite any crypto crashes in the last 11 months,” said LIVA FUND Investment Manager, Shelby Brice and adds, “We are very excited about Yieldster’s 2.0 launch as we think it not only provides our LIVA Fund with additional features but also allows smaller investors to generate good yields in a much easier way and protect themselves from the high volatility of the crypto market”. 

In order to jumpstart the adaption of its public accessible 2.0 DeFi Automation platform, Yieldster™ plans to soon start a “LEARN TO EARN” Competition. Over the course of 4 weeks, participants will have the opportunity to earn a share of the upcoming airdrop of 50 million YXL tokens by simply interacting with the Yieldster™ Platform (https://Yieldster.finance) and completing challenges. In addition, Yieldster™ is also planning to launch the first public sale of its YXL Tokens in September 2022. 

“In my 20 years of investment banking background, I have never been more excited about the variety and quality of investment opportunities even non-crypto experts can create for themselves by using our 2.0 DeFi Automation Platform. With our 2.0 version I believe we are a step closer to fulfilling our mission to decentralize and democratize the Financial Industry and making it accessible for everybody,” said Michael Mildenberger, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Yieldster™. 

About Yieldster™ 

Yieldster™ DAO offers an open DeFi framework designed to guide investors through the sometimes complex space of decentralized finance. Stakeholders determine the protocol’s future while fueling community growth. The team behind Yieldster™ is composed of experienced fintech technologists, 

investment bankers, and entrepreneurs with a shared goal of simplifying the process of investing in DeFi while bringing further credibility to the space through reliability and transparency. 

Visit yieldster.io for more information about Yieldster™ and its current and planned developments. Social Media Links: 

This material is distributed by Yieldster. Contact Eshana Lutawan for interviews, and quotes info@yieldster.io or telegram @Yieldster

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