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Savings safe in the EU?

The SAG (Restructuring and Resolution Act) has been active since 2015, even though no one talks about it anymore. The goal of the law is to save banks from bankruptcy and protect taxpayers from stepping in with bailouts. This is intended to relieve the burden on systemically important banks. The effect, however, is corresponding rights of intervention on the company’s own shareholders or customers. Incidentally, this applies not only to banks, but also to insurance companies. In plain language, this means that the deposits of individuals or small businesses, in any form, over €100,000, without a right of appeal. Customers do not even have to be informed of this measure to avoid a bank run. Recovery is not possible. This is, by the way, EU law and is similar in all EU countries. We therefore strongly advise diversification. Anyone can and may open an account in any country. By the way, a bank account in the USA offers deposit protection up to §250.000,-.

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